Um Okkum // About Us


Hi there! This cosy small red house at the harbour in Nólsoy (the Faroe Islands) houses both our café ‘Gimburlombini’ and the island's Tourist Information ‘Visit Nólsoy’. We serve breakfast, lunch, coffee, cakes, wine, drinks and also host dinner parties. And we even have a sauna!

We are open every day from 10-17 in the summer months (may-august), and in the evenings and in winter time on demand - and if we feel like it. The two happy Gimmer Lambs Barbara and Tjóðhild run this place together with friends and family. Here is a little about us two, and some of the other people you might meet on your visit at our café.


Barbara Andreasen

Barbara is down to earth, and nothing will make her loose that connection. Lost yours? Barbara will brew you a strong cup of coffee and throw you a lifeline made of grounding laughter. She laughs really loud and directly from the heart. She must have a very strong heart, since she puts it into everything that she does. Barbara is one of those people who can manage just about anything – she just does not know how great she is, and that might just be the best part of this humble woman. Her love for animals is tremendous, and our chickens, the sheep, the gosling and the lama (yes lama!) are so lucky to have her. And so are we - she makes really great layer cakes!


Tjóðhild Patursson

Tjóðhild is the sister of Bergtóra – “octopus’ism” runs in the family (read more on the subject of "octopus'ism" in the text about Bergtóra), but Tjóðhild seems to have gotten two heads instead of eight arms. She speaks a lot… so I have heard… and Tjóðhild is smart, courageous, sweet, beautiful, lovely, and, and, and… Ok, yes, I’m the one who wrote theese texts. I can’t write a text about myself – who knows themselves anyway, huh? Do you want to know more about me? Come visit us in Nólsoy and ask one of the others. Brilliant people they all are - and I’m sure you are too!

Edvard Skúvadal

Edvard is Barbara’s boyfriend and is a traveler by heart, he has soooo many stories from his travels all around the world. He is a people person, so when he is not traveling himself, he likes meeting other travelers here on Nólsoy. Edvard is, as Barbara, an animal person, and every spring Edvard and Barbara’s house is filled up with motherless ducklings, lambs, goslings and other creatures who need special care. Edvard is also our 'gardener’ and ensures we have enough rhubarbs and potatoes - a VERY important task!

Mariann Hansen

Accountant and DJ

 .... And the most empathic person I know of. Mariann grounds us in time. She is living her life in real time - moment by moment, now. Her eyes and ears listen when we speak, and she makes us breathe deeper and more slowly. She keeps the rest of us from flying off in a dreamy fluffy sky of whipped cream and rhubarb jam.

Ragna Ámundardóttir

You don’t need a food processor if you have got a Ragna – just hand her the carrots and she will turn them into a great salad in no time! But her super fast food-processing skills are just a bonus added to her other qualities: She is super fast, super beautiful, super active, super curious, super strong, super brave… – Hey! Wait a minute! Aren’t those also the qualities of Super Woman? That can’t be a coincidence. Ragna, you’re busted!

berg (1 of 1).jpg

Bergtóra Patursson

Meet Bergtóra, the kind and loving octopus. She is calm even in the most stressed situations and her 8 hands come in very handy when we are busy: She can make coffee with one hand, make a waffle with the second, the third she uses to point tourists towards the correct hiking path, the fourth she uses to pat one of the local kids on the head (she is SO kind), with the fifth she writes an email… and she has still got 3 hands left to make you a nice cappuccino! And the best part – there is no way you will notice she is an octopus! I don’t know how she can hide those six extra hands, but i’m SURE they are there somewhere. No other explanation is possible …