We have a million ideas and dreams but oh so little time - come help us.
- all help is welcome!

Volunteer for a couple of days

Do you want to travel, and meet people at the same time? Then this might be your lucky day! Since a nice retired Danish lady reached out to us early this spring, offering to come volunteer for us, we have been wondering if there might be more of this kind (of) people in the world (she sure is kind!) - and our conclusions is: sure there is! And if that someone is you - don’t hesitate contacting us. Tell us a little about yourself and what you think you could help us with - and we will get back to you on possible options.

Volunteer for a waffle

Every day is a new adventure. If you are only here for a day, and really really want a waffle, but you crushed you budget. Or if you are just one of thise kind souls, who would like to offer us help? Then come and volunteer for a waffle. Help us dig a new rhubarb field, feed the chicken, do the dishes, paint the bench, cut onions, harvest potatoes, clean the sauna, gather nettles or a gazillion other things. Ask what’s on today - we could sure use your help :-) Work for an hour or two - and we will serve you a free waffle and coffee in return! Volunteer for a waffle is on every day (May to September) from 13.00 - 15.00. Send us an email and let us know that you are coming, or just stop by, and we will almost always have something ready for you :)


Tekstur á føroyskum er ávegis.