Our natural wine bar

We can no longer say that we are at the beginning of our wine journey - as we otherwise claim on our food page, but it is still a journey, and most definitely an interesting one!

I am not sure when we fell in love with natural wine. But it suited us like a foot in a sock (as we would put it in Faroese - it sounds much better in Faroese, I promise). It was love at first … taste … and we keep going, the wine and we.

Early spring 2018 we had our first pop-up natural wine bar ever, an since then we have traveled the islands with our bottles and our enthusiasm for natural wine. We have been to weddings, to fish markets, to street parties and we even pop up with a bar at the national theater when there is a play on (so be sure to come half an hour before the play starts :-) We buy most of our wine thru Rosforth & Rosforth, and if your are ever in Copenhagen be sure to visit them (and say hi from us).

If not in Copenhagen, or can’t attend any of our pop-ups (or if you have been to all of this, and would like more wine), come by our café any day, and we will have a bottle (or several) ready for you. The selection of wine by the glas varies - just ask what is on for the day.

Do you want us to come to your event? Send us a request, and we will get back to you with options.