We make grilled fish for dinner parties, but since we know that many guests come spontaneously throughout the day, we have now made a more everyday version of our dinner-party-grilled-fish. The everyday version has everyday tastes: simple, yet good. A very good tasting everyday – that must be the goal, right? Since there are so many everydays in a lifetime. We place cod on a baking sheet with potatoes, onions, garlic, butter and lemon, tie it together to a small package, and put it on the grill. You will have to wait for 20 minutes before it is ready, but we hope it will be worth it. The fish will be served with a dressing, bread and butter. The price is 175 kr.

We recommend groups to book in advance, since the number of visitors on the café can be very fluctuating, and on some days, the fish might be sold out. Visitors who are not in groups, but want to make sure they get to try the fish, are also welcome to book – it would be sad if it was sold out before you got to try it, right? Bookings can be made by writing an email to: gimburlombini(at), be sure to book at least one day in advance – we are on an island, and are not (yet) self-sufficient, so sometimes we need to go grocery shopping on the main-land.


Waffles, waffles, waffles! When we took over the café in 2014, we had a waffle contest: we offered free waffles to the local people and others passing by. They got to taste three different waffles and in return they got to vote for the best waffle recipe. The recipe of the oldest lady on the island won a great victory (yes, it was a blind-test, so there was no cheating). Her waffles are sweet in the good way and whilst baking, send out an amazing cardamom scent. We make them on order, so they are always fresh and served with whipped cream and homemade rhubarb jam. The price is 40 kr.

We do also have other sweets. What cakes we have to offer varies with our mood, the weather and many many other coincidences. Sometimes Barbara will make the greatest rhubarb topped chocolate cake, sometimes Ragna has an inspired moment and goes all in, decorating the carrot cake with candied daisies. And once in a while, I will bake a cake myself (Tjóðhild) – I do love to make a chervil-pavlova. And if there is a pavlova amongst the cakes, you will know that Tjóðhild is having a day with extra much energy.



Here at Gimburlombini we do not have a fixed menu, since we enjoy the freedom to get creative. Most days, for lunch, we will serve fish and/or a vegetarian dish. In the evenings we arrange Dinner&Drinks.
We have just started our wine journey, and all we know so far is that we enjoy wine… When we try a bottle we like, we buy a few more bottles and sell them here at the café for a few days/weeks/months – depending on how much we like it. Ask what we have in right now, and we might/might not be able to tell you something about it

So, just come, you won’t be hungry!


Some mornings the warm smell of freshly baked buns and good coffee fills the café. We serve the buns with butter, cheese and homemade rhubarb jam. Other days we have scones and lemoncurd – depending on our mood and the weather. What better than taking a slow start, and spending an hour or two drinking good coffee, gazing out of the window, reading (Faroese) newspapers and listening to the very funny sound of eiders swimming outside. Often we will also serve homemade baked beans & fried eggs (from our own chickens). The prices range from 50 - 120 kr. including coffee, but without any guarantee of eiders swimming outside – that depends on the season.



Our youngest regular breakfast guest - she eats her bun with whipped cream and cheese, and you are more than welcome to do so to.


We do have sunny days – really, it happens! They often come when you least expect it. Therefor we try to prepare ourselves by having homemade ice cream in the freezer. The regulars are: vanilla, rhubarb, chocolate&espresso and seaweed&licorice (yes, seaweed). We even make our own ice cream cones. On special occasions we also make other varieties – we are working on a cardamom ice cream for next Christmas (yes, we do eat ice cream in the winter time), and on an angelica ice cream for the next special birthday party – who is up? We even serve rhubarb ice-cream-soda. It is good on a sunny day, but also lovely on cloudy and rainy days – it lights your inner sun, and makes the day brighter.

Coffee and tea

We serve coffee from the only Faroese coffee roaster, Brell. Brell gets new coffee in every few weeks, and we get to taste our way through samples of all the varieties before we decide on what to choose. We do not know a lot about coffee, but we know what we like. So don’t expect a long talk about coffee, but rather a good cup of coffee, and maybe a long talk about something else.

Our tea we buy from a small tea shop in Lund in Sweden – since there is no tea shop in the Faroe Islands, and a few of us lived/live in Lund while studying. We have Black Assam, Earl Grey, green tea with jasmine, a smoked black tea and sometimes I will go out picking nettles for nettle-tea, or even make a special women’s blend from local herbs.


We make our own rhubarb-syrup that we use for sparkling rhubarbs-drinks, both as lemonade or in a cocktail.  All our dinner parties start with a rhubarb cocktail. We do also have soda, wine (mostly natural wines – and the selection changes as we ‘drink’ our way through the summer), beer, Irish coffee and hot/cold chocolate.

We also love making (and drinking) Gin&Tonics – come join us.